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Created on 16 December 2014. Posted in GLOBAL FOOTPRINT

... and railways sector. Now it employes almost 300 people in a covered area of more then 3000 squared meters. EleOnetech enjoys an environment that optimally combines a low productioncost, skills matching ...


Created on 16 December 2014. Posted in SECTORS

... Biomedical, Energy storage and Railways. The diversification of the business portfolio has allowed Elemaster Group to absorb market fluctuations in the sectors most affected by the economic crisis during ...

Railways & Transportation

Created on 16 December 2014. Posted in SECTORS

Elemaster Group is the leading EMS partner in the railway sector in Europe and one of the most important worldwide. As a leading partenr for the major international players, Elemaster Group offers the ...


Created on 31 July 2011. Posted in GROUP

...  Today Elemaster is on the market as a “one-stop shop” for its customers who are the major global players in the high-tech sectors such as railways, avionics, medical, automotive , industrial and energy ...


Created on 24 February 2011. Posted in Uncategorised

... Group’s customers, which are OEMs operating in niche markets such as the railways and medical, asked Elemaster to operate directly in the U.S market. After careful analysis Elemaster Group identified ...