Environmental Policy

politica ambientale

Elemaster Group wants to be a leader in the provision of services of design and manufacturing for its customers, with whom it is engaged in long-term relationships respectful of each requirement established by contracts, laws and regulations.

Consistent with these principles, the Group has adopted all the quality certifications required to operate in high-tech sectors and ISO 14001 in the field of environmental protection.

Elemaster Group recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for the welfare of future generations, the safety of working conditions and health of its employees and the communities affected by the processes and products of the Company. For these reasons, the Group is engaged s in a continuous search for solutions to achieve these objectives and in the application of procedures to demonstrate the full control on them.

This commitment is reflected in the definition of initiatives designed to minimize the use of natural resources and all types of emissions and generation of waste, at the same time to maximize the reuse of materials and the use of recyclable materials.

The identification of projects for the improvement in these areas is encouraged at all levels through training activities, approval and evaluation of them occurs at the level of the Steering Committee at regular meetings.

These are key priorities for the success of Elemaster Group.

The company managers in order to recognize and accept their responsibilities are required to operate assuring that the Company:

  • comply with laws and regulations and apply the defined procedures
  • demonstrate to take their responsibility
  • it is absolutely certain that all employees have full knowledge and awareness of the potential risks related with the work performed.





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