PCB Printed Circuit Board



For designing print circuit board (PCB), the Elesienna engineering team combine with the innovation and flexibility to ensure a prefect answers to any type of require and need.

The printed circuit board is the critical components used for building electronic cards, the support for designing and industrialization are an additional added value which we give customers. Our design service range from simple , double side PCBs to multi-Layers, and from professional applications to those with Functional Safety (SIL) requirements. We manage products with various types of support: rigid, flexible , rigid –flexible, for high frequency application. (delete the following paragraph from “our production processes to mass production”)



Services and main features

  • Master layout design or co-design and development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Serial production
  • Laminates in FR4, high TG, Halogen free, CTI>250V
  • Multilayer with hybrid materials, up to 24 layers
  • Printed circuits with heat sink in copper and aluminum
  • Special materials for high frequency (PTFE, Rogers, RT/Duroid TM)
  • Controlled impedance
  • Blind and buried holes, laser perforation, HDI
  • Metallographic sections with certification
  • Safety (SIL)
  • ROHS finishings with chemical tin, chemical gold, lead free HAL


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